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Nov. 22, 2016

Green Supply Chain News: What are the top Green Trucking Fleets for 2016?


Interesting Activities from the Carriers and Fleets in the Annual List from Heavy Duty Trucking Magazine

By The Green Supply Chain Editorial Staff

Heavy Duty Trucking magazine is back this year with its annual list of the top 50 Green truck fleets in the US, and as usual it's an interesting read.

The honorees are selected by Heavy Duty Trucking's editors. Candidates for the award are gathered through an on-line nomination process, as well as by using information gathered through press releases, news stories, websites, case studies, and other publicly available sources of information. All types and sizes of fleets are eligible, as long as they run medium- or heavy-duty commercial vehicles.

The Green Supply Chain Says:
Lots of Green activity by carriers and fleets for sure, though some noted the continued low price of diesel fuel has slowed some programs a bit.

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As usual, it's an eclectic mix. It includes several of the largest for higher carriers or delivery firms (e.g., FedEx, Schneider, UPS), large private fleets (e.g., Frito-Lay), several municipal fleets, and a number of small trucking firms, such as Gartner Trucking out of Findlay, OH, which operates about 100 tractors.

There is no attempt to rank the winners, but each carrier/fleet is given a short description of its efforts in Sustainability. You can find the full list here, but the 50 honorees for 2016 in alphabetical order are as follows:

• A. Duie Pyle
Altom Transport
AmeriPride Services
B&B Trucking
Carbon Express
Cargo Transporters
City of Columbus, OH
City of Long Beach
Cooper Freight
Dillon Transport
FCA Transport
Garner Trucking
Groupe Robert
Hawaii Electric Light
Halvor Lines
Hazmat Environmental Group
H.O. Wolding
Interstate Distributor Co.
JNJ Express
Knight Transportation
Kuperus Trucking
Kwik Trip
M&M Cartage
Matheson Trucking
Meijer Logistic
Melton Truck Lines
Navajo Express
Nussbaum Transportation
City of New York
Pacific Gas and Electric Co.
Ploger Transportation
Quest Global
RRR Transportation
Republic Services
REV Hoopes Trucking
Saddle Creek Logistics Service
Sharp Transport
Sheehy Mail Contractors
Swift Transportation
System Freight Inc.
Ursa Logistics
U.S. Xpress Enterprises
Waste Management
Western Flyer Express


Below, we highlight some of the more interesting actions some of these 50 fleets have taken in going Green.

Tanker carrier Carbon Express of Wharton, New Jersey has no sleeper cabs and puts drivers up in hotels each night, eliminating overnight idling.

Cooper Freight of Memphis, Tennessee is a big believer in requiring drivers to maintain fuel efficient driving habits, and uses telematics and data to track and enforce things like not deploying TrailerTail fairings or excessive idling.

FCA Transport of Detroit, Michigan - the US fleet for Fiat Chrysler Automobiles – is investing $40 million to transition all 179 of the Class 8 tractors at its Detroit Terminal to CNG. The company spent $1.8 million to update the maintenance facility to handle CNG. The $5 million on-site CNG fueling station is believed to be the largest private CNG station in North America.

FedEx intends to increase fuel efficiency in its fleet by 30% by 2020 by increasing the number of alternative-fuel vehicles, shifting freight to rail, and optimizing routing.

At Garner Trucking, no fluids leave the maintenance facility: antifreeze is recycled on site for reuse as add fluid for the tractors, the shop is heated with used motor oil, and cleaning products can be used for heat or are biodegradable.

At JNJ Express of Memphis, Tennessee, extensive training makes drivers up to 30% more fuel efficient.

Navajo Express of Denver, Colorado, a food distributor, got permission from Colorado and surrounding states for 57-foot trailers to allow more freight to be hauled with the same number of trucks.

Saddle Creek Logistics Services of Lakeland, Florida, an early adopter of natural gas trucks, is exploring the potential of the "near zero" ultra-low NOx heavy-duty engine.

In January, UPS will deploy 200 new hybrid electric delivery trucks.

U.S. Xpress Enterprises of Chattanooga, Tennessee works with the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga and the SimCenter for Computational Engineering to use computer simulation models to test truck prototypes before they are manufactured.

Lots of Green activity by carriers and fleets for sure, though some noted the continued low price of diesel fuel has slowed some programs a bit.

What did you find interesting in these actions by Green fleets? Let us know your thoughts at the Feedback button below.

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